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What are the Standard Prices?

We are a custom design shop. There is no such thing as true standard prices. All of our setup fees, screen prep fees, equipment fees etc are rolled into the piece price of your estimate. However, there are some set or minimum fees associated with some of the work that we do: Design Fee: Starting at $100. If you are looking for a custom design from scratch, that starts with this fee. This is a minimum and covers 4 hours of design time. If a design is discussed that is estimated to take longer than 4 hours, this fee will be adjusted accordingly. Small Order Fee: $20. If you are looking for less than 20 shirts, a small order fee will be applied to your invoice. This is solely to cover the shipping cost that we have to pay for shipping a small order of blanks. Expedite Fee: $35. If you need your order in less than the quoted lead time, you can opt to pay this expedite fee. Color Change Fee: $15/color change. If you have a design that you want half of your run in one color and the other half in another color, a color change fee can occur. This may not always happen and will be evaluated and discussed on a case by case basis, dependent on the job. Other than these, any and all fees will either be included in the piece price of the job, or will be discussed and determined through communication during the quote phase.

How Does Shipping Work?

We handle most shipping through USPS for small orders and UPS Ground for standard orders. Once the label is printed and the order is picked up, Apple Valley Design Shop is no longer liable for the condition of the package. We serve a local market, so if pick-up works better for you to save on shipping time and costs, let us know and we can arrange that.

What If I Don't Have Artwork?

We offer custom design services to make your vision for a logo or shirt art come to life. Submit a request for estimate and select Design from the dropdown for services. Please rememeber that all artists are different, and have their own styles. If we feel that we can't deliver on the artwork you are looking for, we know people that can and will point you in the right direction!

How Long Will My Order Take?

Our stadard lead time for printed goods is 10-15 business days + shipping time. If you need your order in less than the estimated lead time, you can opt to pay an expedite fee and the best possible delivery will be discussed and implemented.

Who is Apple Valley Design Shop?

We are a family. Quite literally, we are a Mom and Pop operation. We started AVDS as a way to both give the community something it needs, as well as give ourselves a creative outlet and a way to show our young son that some extra work goes a long way. Here at AVDS, we specialize in smaller runs that other shops may turn their nose to. We know that most people looking for custom garments don't necessarily need 100 shirts at a time. We are here to fill the void that larger design shops neglect.

How Do I Submit My Artwork?

When submitting a request for estimate, e-mail any and all artwork to Info@applevalleydesignshop.com. All images must be 300 DPI or better in order to be used. Preferred file types are .AI, .EPS, .PSD. If you are submitting illustrator files, please be sure to convert text to outlines prior to sending to avoid font complications.

What Type of Garment Can I Have Made?

We can get mostly anything you're looking for. T-shirts, hoodies, sweats, polos, mens cut, womens cut, kids cut, etc. Just let us know and we can try to track it down! If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, we have a vast knowledge of the types of garments that go well with certain services. If you don't offer a suggestion for what brand of shirt you like, we will offer suggestions for it!

How Does Screen Printing Work?

Sreen printing, otherwise known as "Silk Screening" is the practice of converting artwork into a stencil and burning that stencil into a chemically treated silk mesh screen. Ink is then loaded onto the screen and pushed through the stencil onto the garment. The garment is run through a curing dryer to set the ink and voila, custom design. One screen can hold one color of the artwork. So for example; artwork that has 3 colors in it requires 3 screens to be burned and set up and registered inline perfectly to each other. That is why designs with more colors are more expensive.